Improving our Digital Outreach

It was always our plan to install technical equipment into the church but Covid 19 forced that agenda. It has meant that since Christmas 2020, we have been able to broadcast our services live on YouTube, send the service into our hall for those who could not fit into the church owing to social distancing and use the equipment for presentations, films etc.

In addition, and rather by accident, we have been able to live stream Funerals and Weddings across the world to families who have not been able to travel and with each other for these key events of life. This has brought great consolation to those affected and has included everyone in a way that was not previously possible.

An Attitude of Gratitude

(from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)

In terms of this first law of spiritual energy, Teilhard preferred to focus, with God’s grace, on his own resilience, his capacity to adapt and to restore his enthusiasm for his work and relationships. . . . If he was blocked from pursuing one avenue, he found another way. . . .

Teilhard’s life suggests a nightly review of your day focusing on what went right instead of what went wrong. If you focus on giving and receiving love, your thinking will change for the better. If you focus on thinking good thoughts, your heart will grow more loving. The heart and mind are always interacting in concert.

This process is known as the Thanksgiving Examen. . . .

  1. To give thanks in general to God our Lord for the benefits received in your life, in others, and in the world today. 
  2. To ask for grace to recognise all those particular things that happened to you and others that you should personally be grateful for.
  1. To take account of your day from the hour that you arose up to the present time, hour by hour, or period by period: first your good thoughts, ideas, and intentions; then your good words spoken and heard; and then good acts, your actions and those of others, small or large, that positively touched your life or the life of someone else. Record these in your journal.
  1. To praise and thank God our Lord for all the opportunities you had to make a difference in the world today and to inspire you to recognize more and more such opportunities in the future.
  1. To thank God for all God has done for you, and to ask yourself: What can I envision doing that would lead me to be even more deeply grateful? Close with the Our Father [or another prayer with deep significance for you].

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