St.Mary’s Rosary Circle

St Mary’s Rosary Circle is a group of parishioners who pray the Rosary to deepen their prayer life in the company of Jesus and Mary.

Praying the Rosary on a regular basis establishes a simple discipline, which in turn brings us closer to Jesus, as the more we meditate on his life, in the company of Mary his mother, the closer we become to him.

The Rosary helps us to do this in a structured way by having a framework, a focus for our thoughts, with a simple set of prayers that are easily memorable.

It can be prayed in any place, at any time, in sickness or in health, as a prayer of meditation or as a prayer of intercession.

Members choose to pray one set of Rosary mysteries, at least once per week or more, on a day and a place convenient to them, and their names are added to the Rosary rota in the church porch.  In this way the Rosary is being prayed by members every day, 365 days of the year – hence the title “Rosary Circle”.  Currently we have 80 plus members.

On Sundays the Rosary is prayed in St. Mary’s church at 9.00am before the 9.30am Mass in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

If you would like to join the Rosary Circle or find out more please contact:

Peter Harris:  (Tel: 01202 885572   Email: