St Mary’s Healing Prayer Group

St Mary’s Healing Prayer Group are members of the parish who pray daily, by name, for members of the parish that are sick or who are experiencing difficulties in life, but wish their names and situations to be kept strictly confidential.

As a parish group, we also meet on a monthly basis for a time of prayer and praise during which we review individual situations, raising each person up to God, to enfold them in his love during the intercessory aspect of our prayer evening.

Most of us face times of great sorrow or trouble in our lives, sometimes we do not wish even our best friends or fellow parishioners to know of our situation. In these circumstances, the Healing Prayer Group can offer confidential prayerful support to invoke the help of Jesus for healing, through the power of prayer, to help you find strength and peace of mind.

If you are trying to cope with illness, family problems or any other problem that affects you deeply and would like the Healing Prayer Group to pray for you, please contact:

Peter Harris: (Tel: 01202 885572 Email:

Please be assured that at no time will your name or situation be known, other than to those in the Parish Healing Group who will pray for you.