Their latest requirements are:-
Tinned chicken
Tinned fruit
Tinned rice pudding
Tinned carrots, sweetcorn and mushrooms
UHT Milk
Please take the food to The Store (details on the website), Jimmy’s (by St James’s church)or their local supermarket

Oracle Group BCP
This group is looking for 2 types of experts in homelessness. Firstly those who have had experience in dealing with homelessness and secondly those who have actually experienced homelessness

The vision of the Homelessness and Rough Sleep Strategy 2021-2025 is to end homelessness in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole by ensuring everyone has a safe place to live that they can call home. Partners across the BCP area have committed to working together to ensure homelessness is ended across the conurbation. The strategy identifies that there is a need for collaborative working and there is an emphasis on the need for significant input and insight from people with lived experience of all forms of homelessness, the true experts regarding its impact
The Oracle Group BCP will consist of a two pronged approach:-

Focus Groups/Targeted Work – These would be one off meetings held within individual organisations initially that discuss a single subject in more depth. They are ideal for reviewing policies or proposed major changes across BCP or can be used for a targeted piece of work linked to any of the Homelessness Reduction Board Action Groups. These groups can be influenced more by professionals to achieve outcomes and Lived Experience Leads within organisations will work together to achieve this.

Community Meetings – These will be held at a central location and will be less formal. A lot of people decline offers of ‘meetings’ but an informal social approach can enable more people to participate. The hope is that these meetings over time will be co-facilitated by professionals and people with lived experience and will provide them with a safe space to share their views and experiences

Citygate Church has been secured as the location for the next 6 months for the community meetings and the first meeting has been scheduled for the 16th August 2021, 12.30pm until 2pm. There will be refreshments available for anyone who attends.

St Anthony’s, Broadstone
• There will be no change for the numbers allowed for the time being.
• As far as we are aware, no one has been unable to attend Mass who wished to at either
church, as result of safety precautions being in place
• Singing will be allowed, using Parish hymn books which will only be used once a
week, so present no increased risk, when handed out with gloves and returned to the
bookshelf by the user.
• Post service sanitising will continue.

St. Mary’s Poole Sunday Masses
• One section of the church will be kept with current distancing arrangements for those
who need it/prefer it.
• Elsewhere all benches will be brought into use but with continued distancing to the
• People will be encouraged to still use sanitiser, book in or log in on the NHS track and
trace and wear masks or other face coverings. The church will continue to be ventilated
• Singing will be resumed using the screens at the front of the church to provide words
for the congregation. People declining to wear masks should perhaps not sing.
• Holy Communion will be brought back to its place in the Mass with individual sections
of the church coming up for Holy Communion at a time, directed by stewards, to
minimise the risk of ‘passing’ too close to others.
• Exiting the church will be similarly managed by stewards to maximise safety
• Post service sanitising will continue as now.


Are you year 9 or above and ready to make a personal commitment of faith in your life?

If so, please let us know and we can add you to those seeking Confirmation in the summer of 2022. The programme will run from September, so be prepared.

Deacon Nick []

If you missed the meeting in July and wish to register your child for the first Holy
Communion course for 2021/22 it is important that you contact the church office
immediately as all applications must be received by the end of August
Thanks Sue


I wish to thank all of you Lottery subscribers for your continued support of our monthly draw especially in these very uncertain times. Your regular payments provide a vital contribution to our parish finances and are so much appreciated. If you want to know more about Lottery, [which costs just £5 a month] and how you could win £1,000 contact me as below
or 07957704338 / 01202 631963