Please pray for:

Please pray for:
  • ALL THOSE WHO HAVE RECENTLY DIED: Anna Potter and Mavis Bell RIP
  • The People of Ukraine
  • Bishop Mark and all our parish priests in your prayers throughout the week.

Robin Watson – who is training for the permanent Diaconate.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK:   Patrick Walsh, Don Gange, Edna Archer, Gino Mondino, Thomas Torak, Cecelia Grimston, Pat Lodge, Harry Greene, Nickki Pink, John Mondino, Millie Cross, Robert Williamson, Noel Walker, Joan Poole, Philip Philbin, Fern Harrison, Mark Howson, Laura Gonzalez, Joan Lovery, Doreen Jones, Betty Dooey, Sally Price,  Margaret Callow, Edna Price, Nick Elby, Alan Brown, Amiee Alexander, David Wenham, Andrea Masterson,  Charles South, Patricia Magee, Cath Kiamita, Bee Stone, Louise Lobo, Peter Newman, Roger Murray, Julia Wenham , Maureen Kirby, Mary Kearney, Patricia Long, Nikki Pink, Joan Daniel, Mike Gallagher, Mary McMorrow, Rita Williams, Timothy Banks, David Anderson, Tony Cox, Bishop Christopher Budd, Kevin Corr and Fr. Denis, Terry Triplow, Penny Willcocks, Win Baggs, Sally Hudson, James Shanahan, Oliver Samuels, Katie Lester, Kathleen Barrett, John Gregory and Roger Murray.

For: All those in nursing homes and those at home and in hospital, their families and those who care for them.

We pray for all our deceased relatives, friends and parishioners whose anniversaries occur at this time: Pat Scoble, Assunta Rosselli, Frank Fletcher, Hilda Hadala, Mary Mitchell, Josephine Starling, David Dickinson, Francis O’Neil, Janina Koteria, Carmel
Perry, Douglas Smith, Mary Varley, Tom Quinlan Jnr. And Brian Collier


Names for prayers are included by request and with a contact for further news. 

​​Hospital Chaplin: Deacon Declan McConville. If you are admitted to Poole Hospital please do let him know on Tel 0300 019 2167

​Items for the newsletter to be at the parish office (not the presbytery) in writing or emailed to by Wednesday 12 noon.