Please pray for:

Please pray for:
  • ALL THOSE WHO HAVE RECENTLY DIED: and those whose anniversaries occur at this time.
  • for Addison Friel who will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation during 9.30am Mass on Sunday 21st July

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK OF BOTH PARISHES:  Patrick Walsh, Edna Archer, Thomas Torak, Pat Lodge, Joan Greene, Joan Poole, Mark Howson, Laura Gonzalez, Doreen Jones, Edna Price, Nick Elby, Alan Brown, Aimee Alexander, Rita Williams, David Anderson, Tony Cox, Tom Hunter, Fr. Denis, Penny Willcocks, Oliver Samuels, Kathleen Barrett, Nikki Pink, Joan Daniel, Mike Gallagher, Roger Murray, Linda Heneghan, Vera Grant, Denise Devlin, Sebastian Vessey, Julia Manatastis, Dorothy Harrison, Kevin Moore, Derek Regan, Jasmin McNeill, Carmel Coyne, Josh Stone, Adrienne Brady, Patrick McMorrow, Ian Patterson, David Thomas and baby Otto.

For: All those in nursing homes and those at home and in hospital, their families and those who care for them.

We pray for all our deceased relatives, friends and parishioners of both parishes, whose anniversaries occur at this time:

Names for prayers are included by request and with a contact for further news. 

​ If you are admitted to Poole Hospital, please do let the hospital chaplaincy team know on Tel 0300 019 2167

​Items for the newsletter to be at the parish office (not the presbytery) in writing or emailed to by Wednesday 12 noon.